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U.S. News & World Report announced that Cottey College is nationally ranked #9 among its 2019 Best Regional Colleges placing it in the top ten of regional Midwest colleges. In total, 79 colleges were ranked from 12 states comprising the Midwest region. The rankings are available online at 


Cottey was again ranked in three additional categories in the Midwest region from U.S. News & World Report. Cottey is ranked #1 among Best Value Schools, moving up from #2 last year, and is ranked #3 in both Lowest Student Debt Load at Graduation and Schools with Largest Proportion of International Students. 


“We are again pleased to receive these rankings from such a trusted organization as U.S. News & World Report. We find it especially noteworthy that Cottey is a top ten school in the Midwest for the second consecutive year,” said Dr. Jann Weitzel, president of Cottey College.


“Rankings fulfill a demand prospective students and their families have for information about institutional quality. Statistics reflecting high retention and graduation rates, small class sizes, a low student/faculty ratio, and the percentage of full-time faculty are tangible measurements of the effort an institution puts into helping students succeed. These are critical markers in the decision process for a student and her family in choosing a college that will be a good fit,” added Dr. Weitzel.​


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Helen Abbott Fund

The Helen Abbott Fund (HAF) was established in 1952 to provide Utah P.E.O. sisters emergency funds in times of financial crises. Since then, the Fund has extended its mission to offer not only P.E.O. members but also P.E.O.- sponsored non-members a one-time financial award to aid in an immediate emergency or to support their educational pursuit in a degree or certification program at a Utah post-secondary institution. Both of these awards are to assist Utah women in overcoming specific emergencies either in their personal lives or in the continuation of their education



  • Must be Utah resident who is sponsored by a P.E.O. chapter and is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident of the U.S.

  • Must show a documented need for Helen Abbott Funds either for

        a. emergency assistance; or 

        b. a degree or certification program at a post-secondary Utah  

                   educational institution into which they have been accepted. 


Applications may be received throughout the year but are awarded on a one-time basis. Allow six weeks for processing of application. 


Helen Abbott Fund Application (Word) - August 19, 2018

Helen Abbott Fund Application (PDF) - August 19, 2018


The HAF Committee uses a shared email address for Helen Abbott Fund business.  Contact the Chair by emailing:


Helen Abbott Fund Committee (Serving April 29, 2019 - April 25, 2020)


   Nanette Berrett, F - Chairman                 801-544-8255

   Jane Paterson, AD                                  480-650-9228

​   Suzanne Riley, Z                                     801-360-4438


Adviser: Cynthia Schofield, Vice President

Carole Putnam  Fund

The Carole Putnam Fund provides grants to qualified women who are in need of financial help, living in Utah, and seeking education that is not part of a degree program at a Utah educational facility.



  • Must reside in the state of Utah, be recommended by a Utah P.E.O. chapter, and be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident of the U.S. 

  • Must have a realistic and obtainable educational goal.

  • Must have a realistic financial goal showing need for funds from the Carole S. Putnam Fund due to a lack of other financial resources.

  • Must seek education outside of a degree program to enhance existing skills or provide new skills leading to better employment opportunities.


Note: The amount granted per applicant will be evaluated and the amount disbursed will be in accordance to the applicant’s financial need and funds available. Each application is evaluated on its own merit.


Applications are accepted at anytime during the year. Allow six weeks for processing of application. Upon favorable vote of the committee, the Utah State Treasurer will disburse the funds to the designated institution.


Carole Putnam Fund Application (Word) -   Aug 2018

Carole Putnam Fund Application (PDF) - Aug 2018


The CPF committee uses a shared email address for Carole Putnam Fund business.  Contact the Chair by emailing:


Carole Putnam Fund Committee

  (Serving April 29, 2019 - April 25, 2020)

   Holly Drew, F              541-891-3592 (Chairman)

   Letty Workman, N      435-962-2022

   Nancy Chadwick, P    801-866-6849


 Adviser: Cynthia Schofield, Vice President

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