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Hot Spot


The Hot Spot is the Membership Newsletter for Local P.E.O. Chapters. View the most recent copies here. For past issues go to the P.E.O. International Hot Spot Archives.


Latest issues of The Hot Spot:   


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Every Sister is a VIP


Participate in the “Every Sister is a VIP” (Very Important P.E.O.) campaign, a focused effort to show loving concern while reducing the number of sisters who either choose or unintentionally go inactive each year.


The Local Chapter Membership Toolbox on the International website contains the latest information on a variety of topics, such as sustaining membership, prospective members, and non-participating members. This link will redirect you to this section of the International website.


Campaign tools will increase awareness among your members regarding the dues process and provide tools to stay connected with nonresident sisters and those sisters who are currently unable to participate in chapter life. Let’s help each sister feel valued!

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